John Abraham Shares His Views On Nepotism In Bollywood “Everyone Has To Fight Their Own Battle”

The Insider vs Outsider debate in Bollywood has been long stretched. Many people have come forward to express their idea about the same. While some believed that nepotism is indeed a big thing in Bollywood, there were many who were quite oblivious to this. The handsome hunk of Bollywood John Abraham is on the second school of thought. While talking about much-hyped nepotism debate, he said that he doesn’t believe in the Insider vs Outsider thing.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, John Abraham opened up about the ongoing Insider vs Outsider debate. He was quoted saying, “I don’t subscribe to such terms. This is your Twitter trending culture. I believe every individual, be it an insider or outsider, has his/ her own battles to fight. Whether you are gracious about it or bitter, it’s your decision, but you have to fight this battle. Every person has to prove a point, either you complain about it, or put your head down and bloody do your job. I am clear I have come here to do my job, and I will do it well.”

John Abraham

When he was asked why he doesn’t believe in such terms, he said, “I create my own standards. Did I come from outside the industry and make it on my own? Yes. It’s a great example for people. Do I think people from the industry are gracious? They are damn bloody gracious. Are all of them gracious? Maybe not, but that exists everywhere in every industry.”

Recalling his modelling days, John said that while there were people who gracefully accepted him, some tried to push him away as well. Hence one can’t get into a bitter battle but just do their jobs. “Yes. I think it exists everywhere, you have to create your own path. You cannot be bitter here, and have to do your job, put your head down, and treat it like one,” he added.

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