Importance of “self love” in today’s scenario

“Self love” or “love of self” is the most important ingredient of our life in today’s modern world where come across so many things in our life on daily basis so taking take of yourself is most important because when you take care of yourself then only you can take care of other things. Self love is interrelated to the mental health , the more we take care of ourself , the more healthy our mental health will be so love yourself before loving anyone else. The role of self love play a significant role in the mental health .

We can take care of ourselves by various steps:

-stop comparing yourself to others

-don’t think what others think of you

-forgive yourself of mistakes you made

-let go of the toxic people because they hardly matter

-do things which gives you happiness

-stay away from negative people, environment

-trust yourself that you can make good decision for yourself

-put yourself and your mental health on every thing

-don’t take yourself for granted

-be optimistic

-be practical and don’t take your decision emotionally

Someone can only value us when we ourself treat us rightly and with dignity.

Self care or self love should come from within then only you can love yourself. Even if the situations are adverse in your life then also don’t give up on yourself. Everyone leaves in life but you yourself never so make yourself priority and live your life to the fullest.People who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression; self love also paves the way to a positive mindset which is an essential ingredient for success in life and for mental wellbeing. So love yourself and forget the rest.when we start practicing self love , we become more confident and accept yourself the way you are.Don’t low your standard for anyone be it your closest one.

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