The love life and marriage of actors Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa is taking a new turn every day. A few days back when Charu gave an interview and revealed about her marriage, Rajeev has come up with another side to it. In an interview, Charu told that Rajeev doesn’t like to talk and sort out things he packs his bags every time and leave. He also has been a bad father he was never there for their daughter Ziva.

Charu further revealed that Rajeev had raised his hands once or twice at her. She mentioned that she has been a punching bag for him whenever he gets angry with his mother he takes out it on her. The actress also told about the possessive nature of her husband and how he had linked her name with their driver as well. he had once accused her of having an affair with a producer just because he had praised her work.

Charu added that Rajeev also had an affair despite being married to her. She confronted him but in instead of clarifying accused her in return. After Charu’s interview, Rajeev Sen has come up with his side and accused his wife of having an affair with Karan Mehra.

Now, Karan Mehra has opened up about the allegations and said that he hasn’t met Charu in a long time. Karan also said that he doesn’t know Rajeev Sen and has never met him in his life. Karan has told that despite going through a tough time in his own life, he will take strict actions against Rajeev Sen and he’s already in touch with his legal team.