“I Don’t Care A Sh*t About Culture In Such A Situation” – Karan Patel On Abusing Wife’s Harasser

Online trolling has taken a toll on everyone. And it is not just baseless comments on pictures and posts but the audacity of these online trolls have gone a notch higher and people are now even texting celebrities with vulgar texts and messages. Recently, TV actress Ankita Bhargava who is also the wife of Karan Patel was harassed by an online troll and Karan Patel couldn’t control his anger over him.

A report in IWM Buzz states, “There is an anonymous fan of his who has been sending vulgar messages to his better half, Ankita, on Instagram for no rhyme or reason. The concerned troll did not stop when asked to desist after which Ankita finally blocked him.” Taking to Insta, he posted an aggressive message for him. Check it out below:

Now, the actor has reacted on the same. When he was asked about his aggressive language, he told IWM Buzz, “That is the problem. Common people think just because we are actors, they can do what they want and this only encourages them. They forget that at the end of the day, even we are humans first who get hurt. Also, did he think twice before using derogatory language against my loved ones? I don’t care a shit about culture in such a situation and will go to his house to tear him up limb by limb.”

He was also asked if he has filed a police complaint he said, “And if things don’t get better, I will personally find the guy and teach him such a lesson that he will he will think twice before being born. I am a Mumbai guy, so don’t mess with me.”

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