How To Win Your Partner And Develop Intimacy In Your Relationship

Love is an essential factor that completes our life story and adds meaning to our journey to this never ending trail of challenges and turning points. However, we fail to understand our partner and their love for us sometimes which usually leads to misunderstandings and every day fights. Love is flourished between two persons when they are ready to give their all and accept their partner’s flaws, building a chemistry that connects them from within. But it is nourished when they practice the components of love and become ready to unfold every layer of their partner with each passing day. Trust, loyalty, compatibility and mutual understanding are some of the components that help a person to build a strong foundation for their love to bloom. And with these, comes one main factor which is ‘intimacy’.

Intimacy is not only defined by physical closeness between two people but it also relates to the emotional connectedness between them. It talks about the total absorption of one’s love, affection and their hidden feelings in and out of bed. How efficiently are you able to have a soulful connection with your partner is what will help you maintain a long term relationship at the end. Are you close enough with your ‘Chosen One’ to have a perfect ending? Or you need to water the roots of your plant? The following things will help you develop more intimacy with your partner on another level and help you have an everlasting relationship.

 Listen to what your partner has to say

We all have a lot to say and love to speak rather than just keep mum and listen what other person has to share. Well, this practice won’t work out if you tend to maintain a healthy relationship. A bond only works out well if you give the other person equal say in a conversation letting them express their emotions and feelings too. Show an equal interest in your partner’s words else soon there’ll be a huge communication gap between you two.

Surprise your partner with surprises

Who doesn’t love to have surprises and gifts? And when those presents come unexpectedly, they become more valuable. Gift your partner with little presents at times; if possible do give them something that you have made yourself. This will not only add meaning to your present but to your relationship as well.

A moment of eye contact is all you need

Eyes speak a lot! The whole idea of one’s emotions and expressions can be conveyed if you spare a minute to look into your partner’s eyes and just drown in them. After all, most of the intimate gestures are initiated with this intimate contact. Experience the world that resides in there and it will take you to a next level of ecstasy.

 Get high on life

Getting high on adrenaline and on life will bring a tremendous amount of excitement in your relationship. But do not forget to experience the adventure together! Explore your environment and participate in adventures, the adrenaline that will flow is enough to bring you two close!

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