How To Keep Your Body Temperature Under Control And Beat The Summer Heat

It’s a very hot day outside! You need to go out for work but the heat doesn’t allow you to. Even the thought of moving out in this scorching heat makes you feel exhausted. Yes, it is obvious. But you can’t lock yourself inside home. Do not worry. We have solutions to your problems that will help you maintain your body heat and allow you to beat the sun. Here are some problems that can be caused due to an imbalance of temperature between your body and surroundings.


Heat Exhaustion

Our body releases sweat when worked out which further needs to be cooled down. The sweat needs fresh air to easily get evaporated and keep the body temperature down. This helps in maintaining our body heat and keeps us cool. Heat exhaustion can occur when the cooling demands of the body is not fulfilled. Dehydration and dry skin can be one cause of it.

Heat Stroke

A drastic elevation in the body temperature in contrast of the surrounding can lead to heat strokes usually caused as a result of dehydration. Things can turn out to be worse if care is avoided and it occurs when your body is not able to control or balance its temperature.

Heat Cramps

Exercising excessive in hot weather can make you loose all your salt in the body and water that can further result in muscle cramps. Increase the intake of electrolytes and be free of heat cramps.

Heat Rash

Also known by the name of prickly heat or miliaria, this issue arises when your sweat ducts gets clogged. The sweat cannot get to the surface of the skin and gets trapped beneath the skin causing inflammation. Physical symptoms include red bumps and gradually go down itself when the body cools down.


  • Drink lots and lots of diluted solution of water.
  • Have a cold foot bath: in your bucket, put ice cubes to the cold water and soak your feet for 20 minutes in it allowing your body to cool down.
  • Have coconut water: rehydrate your body by adding electrolytes in coconut water and sip it.
  • Drink buttermilk: increasing metabolism, buttermilk will cool down your body and will also restore your body’s natural energy.
  • Aloe vera : use aloe vera gel and cool down your body temperature.

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