How To Ace Your Bridal Look This Monsoon

Monsoons are here and so is the wedding season. It definitely becomes difficult to maintain your charm in such a humid weather. Months of spa treatment and facial glow go waste if you fail to define ‘mesmerizing’ in your wedding day. It is absolutely dreamy and beautiful getting married in rainy season but it also brings with it some chaos. Tying knot under the dewy rain drops is truly mesmerizing but it is not always the way we fantasize right? But worry not monsoon brides. Here we have got you some tips that will help you manage this season very well, allowing you to look beautiful and evergreen.

Play nice with cosmetics

While monsoon can be the most romantic time of the year, you do not want to turn your romantic monsoon wedding in a greasy disaster. Go easy on make up and apply minimal amount of cosmetics possible. Waterproof products will help you keep your attire original and moisture would not be able to ruin it.

Sleep well and dream

Marriage can be a very tiring ceremony and with the upcoming rituals that come with it, you definitely do not want to look tired and sleepy. Yes, we know it’s your wedding and many thoughts are circling your mind, bothering you but you must be at peace and get enough sleep.

Your skin ain’t an experiment lab

Keep all your beauty experiments and ideas locked away in isolation till you have your ‘pheras’. Yes, you want to appear as the perfect bride but you do not want any chemical reactions in your pretty face prior your wedding. Forget what the internet or all the aunties have got to tell you about those ‘beauty mantras’!

Your feet is important

With all that care that you have given to your face, spare some for your feet as well. Your feet are as important as any other part and you do not wish to have shoe bites making your movement painful! Try out your new sandals for a period and get your feet accustomed to the new member.

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