Here’s Why Sunil Grover Does Not Watch Kapil Sharma’s Show Anymore

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are the most talented comedians that the industry has ever had.  They are immensely loved by the audience. But after their infamous mid-air fight, the two got separated. And we really miss seeing two of them together. Despite Kapil’s several efforts to bring Sunil back in the show, the Bharat actor has never agreed to Kapil’s proposal. Even Salman Khan who is the producer of the Kapil Sharma show has asked Sunil Grover to bury the hatchet with Kapil and return to the show but it seems like Sunil is in no mood to return to the show.

While Salman Khan starrer Bharat is all set to hit the screens on June 5, 2019, with Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover and Disha Patani in pivotal roles. During one of the promotional events, Sunil was asked if Salman Khan had asked to him to return to the show, to which, Sunil had replied, “I had a brief talk with Salman sir about coming on the show. He just suggested it, never enforced anything,” adding, “If I’m not in it, I don’t watch it.”

In an interview with a leading daily Kapil once shared that he wants Sunil back on the show. He was quoted as saying, “Leave the old things. He (Sunil Grover) is my friend but he has some film commitments. He is working in Salman Khan’s Bharat, besides Patakha is also ready. I had met him and had discussed the concept of the show with him. He told me that he has some commitments but we will have to start the show near Diwali. As soon as he (Sunil) gets free from his commitments he will join the show as it will go long. The film commitments last between 30 to 40 days. He is most welcome.”

A while back in March Asian Age had quoted a source saying, “Salman wanted Sunil Grover back on The Kapil Sharma Show so that it could go a notch higher. He has a way with his co-stars and the people he works with cannot refuse him for the man he is. Not only will he be getting Sunil along to promote Bharat on The Kapil Sharma Show but he will also be getting them to work again. It has not been an easy process considering the kind of issues Sunil and Kapil have had. While Kapil is keen to get Sunil back, Sunil has not been too keen to come back because his film career also saw an upsurge post his exit from the show.”

Let’s see if Sunil accepts Salman’s proposal this time or turn it down.

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