Here Are The 5 Different Ways Of Using Carom Seeds For Weight Loss

Carom seeds which are also known as ‘Ajwain’ constitutes an essential part of our food style. From enhancing the taste of your tongue to adding flavor in a boring delicacy, ajwain also helps you to maintain your health and in weight loss. Listed under the variety of spices, it has incredible healing powers and preservative properties to maintain your health.

No wonder carom seeds has uncountable health benefits to serve us but the one you all must be interested in knowing is how does it help in weight loss. Yes, since the rate of obesity has risen to a huge number and weight gain has become the national problem, it is necessary for us humans to consider this scenario and implement the needed. Ajwain comes as a solution to your this issue. These seeds contain efficient oil named thymol which helps it inhibit the anti-inflammatory properties. Being a natural oxidant, it removes toxic build ups and increases the secretion of gastric juices that further helps in better digestion. Here are 5 different ways of using ajwain foe weight loss.

1.Boiled ajwain water

The most basic and easiest way to intake ajwain for weight loss is boiled ajwain water. You just need to roast two teaspoons of carom seeds in a pan till you smell the pungent aroma of the spice. Now add the roasted seeds into the boiled water and let it boil for a few more seconds until you get the brown water. Cool it and sip it

2. Add honey to the ajwain water

To make the drink more efficient, you can add honey to your ajwain drink. Just soak 25gms of carom seeds in water one night before use and add honey before drinking it. Intake the drink everyday empty stomach and you would notice the wonders yourself.

3. Ajwain with Saunf

Another way of using ajwain to loose calories is by taking it with saunf. Take half teaspoon of roasted ajwain and one teaspoon of roasted saunf (fennel seeds) to 4 cups of water and let the three boil together. Let the drink cool and sip it whole day

4. Ajwain powder

Often fail to soak ajwain seeds? This will help you. Forget soaking the seeds and boiling the drink, just prepare a powder with these three magical components in it and see it do wonders. Take ajwain, fenugreek and nigella seeds (kajoli) and roast them separately. Mix all the three together and grind them till it becomes fine powder. Have a teaspoon of this powder with warm water everyday.

5. Roasted ajwain seeds

Yet another quick and easy way to intake ajwain is by roasting carom seeds and storing it into an air tight jar after cooling the down. Take a spoon of this half an hour beore your meals and help yourself loose pounds.

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