Gauhar Khan’s Rumored Boyfriend Zaid Darbar Opens On Wedding With Her And Eijaz Khan’s Liking Towards Her

Gauhar Khan is one of the three seniors that have entered the Bigg Boss 14 house. She has been amazing at managing the contestants this year and has been in the news lately. Before she entered the house, there were rumors that Gauhar is dating YouTube sensation Zaid Darbar and that the two are all set to tie the knot. Now, Zaid has come forward to talk about their relationship and wedding rumors. Zaid Darbar also spoke about his possessiveness towards Gauhar Khan seeing Eijaz Khan showing his liking towards her.

Gauhar khan-Zaid Darbar

Speaking about how they met, Zaid Darbar told Etimes, “We met in 2020. We have known each other as we are from the same industry. She was at Shiamak Davar and did Zangoora also. I was an instructor at Shiamak’s. We never spoke there but I had seen her. Then I also saw her at TikTok office.” During the same interview, Zaid also shared how he introduced Gauhar Khan to her his father. He said, “My father and I share a different relationship. It has a lot of respect typical old school. Till today I don’t have that courage to introduce someone to him as my girlfriend. When I introduced Gauahar to him I just told him ‘dad she is Gauahar’, he told me of course I know her. That respect I have for him and I feel it should be there and it will be there for my entire life.”

When Zaid was questioned about the wedding, he said, “Whose wedding? (laughs). We are just family friends, if there is anything we won’t hide, it will come out. Just wait for some time, we will tell everyone whatever it is.” Meanwhile, Gauahar Khan’s rumoured boyfriend also reacted to Eijaz Khan’s liking towards her and said he wasn’t possessive at all. He said, “No, I did not feel possessive at all. In fact, I wanted him to realise a few more qualities of Gauahar because I know she is too good. I think the more she will stay inside the house, the more they will realise her qualities.”

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