‘From Long Silky Hair To Getting Bald’, Sonali Bendre Shares Her Journey

Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its own twists and turns, ups and downs but the challenge is to keep smiling and battle every fight with strength. We only understand the importance of the good part until and unless we encounter the sad part. That’s the rule of living life; it is a mixture of all the emotions. And whenever struck by a storm, stand tall and fight the heavy wind. This is what our favourite Bollywood celeb Sonali Bendre has been doing since last year when she got the news of suffering from cancer. It’s hard but Sonali knows how to deal with it.

We all are aware of Sonali’s cancer treatment and how she had held strong during this period. It was shocking news for the whole world out there. When no one had thought of seeing Sonali for much time, she wronged the whole world out there and emerged out of the nasty disease bravely! She has always thanked her friends and family members who stood strong with her in the course.

Sonali proved to be the epitome of boldness but one thing she feared the most was losing her long silky hair. She has revealed her son Ranveer’s reaction when she first told him about getting bald. “When I went back to him for the big day for the haircut, I was waiting for Ranveer to come and join me in New York. I didn’t want him to see me with my hair cut suddenly, I wanted him to be a part of that because I didn’t want it to be a big shock for him. When we went back for the haircut, I said just let me shave it off and go bald and he said no, there’s time for it still. You can enjoy a shorter haircut. It’ll be easier to deal with when it’s falling and that’s how we went through 2 more haircuts – slightly shorter, even more, shorter and then I went bald.” narrated Sonali.

She also added her reaction to her friend’s suggestion of getting a wig done for her. Her first time wasn’t that bad she confessed.  “The first time when I cut my hair, I don’t know if it was heartbreaking, not really, but by then I had switched off. I think being alive was more important than hair and suddenly the perspective on life had changed. So I remember my friend telling me that let’s collect the hair and make a wig out of it and I said no, let it go, it’s meant to go. I don’t want to hold on to it, it’s meant for somebody else. And I just let it go. I’m not saying I was joyful about this, but I wasn’t very sad about it, I accepted what it was and as I said, it had changed my perspective on life.”

The evergreen actress was pretty confident about her new look and with a positive approach thought of this change as a beautiful outcome. She joyfully unveiled how she is able to try different and looks and textures now, not being afraid of cutting her long hair. Only two days back, she uploaded a picture of her with her hairstylist complimenting her new summer look captioning the picture as, “@tomoarakawa is in town all the way from #NYC and that was excuse enough for a new look… so @kantamotwani was called and voila… my new summer look! A well-spent Sunday afternoon with my two favourites pampering me with my first proper cut and colour in over a year!! Lil things like this make me so happy. #MyNewNormal #SwitchOnTheSunshine.”

Like it is always said, “Believe the one you are and let people wonder what secret’s making you so strong!”

Sonali, you are an inspiration to many, more power to you girl!!

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