‘’Find Me!’’, Tim Tim Plays Yet Another Game With ‘Mediawale’

Overloaded with cuteness, our favorite little bundle of joy none other than Taimur Ali Khan has once more flooded the social media with his sweet vedios and photographs leaving every one in awe! Yes! Our most loved celeb kid recently went for shopping with mommy Kareena and nanny Savatri. Astonishing us one more time with their chemistry, the mommy-son duo always wins our hearts.


Supermom Bebo carry her roles and responsibilities very well, be it professionally or in real lives. And the recent twinning photographs of mommy and son together has just taken over the internet. Already a fashionista, Kareena aces every style but our lil munchkin Taimur is all set to give competition to his mother. The twosome never fails to serve us with new fads on the fashion plate. And this time, nanny Savatri joined the squad too. In the photographs leaked, lil TimTim can be seen wearing a plain white Tee pairing it with cool denim shots holding his mother hand who too twinning her son, opted for a ripped denim jeans and a white upper. Nanny Savatri too complimented the duo by wearing a balloon sleeved white top and denim jeans as they went to shop.


As already revealed by abba Saif in an interview, Taimur’s favorite game is ‘Mediawale’. And here, the kid plays yet another shot of his most favored time pass. Tim plays ‘Find Me’ with his paparazzi friends last morning through a glass window of a shop. The media just couldn’t have enough of his cuteness and loves to be his special companion.


But it seems that Mr. and Mrs. Khan are a bit worried by Taimur’s popularity and fan following, ceasing them from giving their son a normal kid’s life! Saif and Kareena have always been clear about the upbringing and life they want to give their young blood but it is surely not the one which he’s living. The parents do not wish to send their child to a high profile school in Bandra or Juhu and has plans to shift their kid to boarding school when he turns 13. In Arbaan Khan’s chat show named ‘Pinch By Arbaaz Khan’, when Saif was asked about his son’s debut in the show biz, Saif had a clear mind and stated,’’ Most of our kids want to do that which is a good thing, a great thing but I don’t know why I am a little concerned….. I feel there should be other choices… I am not interested in in making his debut in Bollywood and neither is he(laughs).’’

In an another interview he further expressed his worry by adding that Taimur is much more media-savvy than either him or Bebo. Kareena too confessed how the pressure is being build up on her and Saif more than Taimur. ‘’ he is registering that he is being clicked because they are calling his name….we are worrying constantly.’’ quoted Kareena.

They are right on their point as parents but we can’t help with the joy the little kido has brought into our lives! And as we talk about the fashion goals, Taimur just rocks the fashion world!


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