Exclusive: Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Ritesh Gives Public Interview, Talks About Pregnancy & Child

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage to the UK based NRI Ritesh came as a surprise to many. While many questioned the truth in the wedding news, others wanted to get all the information regarding her husband. But Rakhi kept quiet saying her husband didn’t want to come in the public.

After keeping his mystery for long, Rakhi Sawant’s husband has finally come out. Rakhi’s NRI husband, Ritesh has finally spoken to SpotboyE and reveals details about Rakhi and his personal life and has stated that Rakhi is god’s gift to him.

Talking about the news of their wedding and how people didn’t take it seriously and questioned his existence, Ritesh said, “I am a very simple man, who goes to work at 9 am and is home by 6 pm. I know there are some people who don’t believe that I exist when Rakhi announced her marriage. But here I am, talking to you. Rakhi may be a different person in front of the camera, but she is a wonderful person at heart.”

We were told earlier by Rakhi that she won’t be doing anymore bold and sexy scenes. Ritesh revealed, “That’s right. She is married now, she has a new life. Who would like his wife to go bold on screen? BY the way whatever she told you in that interview was true to every word. I was her fan from the day I saw her in her interview with Prabhu Chawla. And, I have seen almost all her work till date.”

When asked if he wants to change anything about her, pat came his reply, “Nothing. I am blessed. Rakhi is God’s gift to me. I have never seen a woman like her. I think she is superior to me.” And talking about one thing he would never want to change in Rakhi, he said, “Her outspokenness. She is very frank, and I think that’s a great virtue.” Ritesh has shared the news about starting a family and said, “I want two kids. I have a gut feeling that my first will be a daughter and the second one will be a son.” When asked if Rakhi is pregnant, he revealed, “Not yet, but she will soon be.”

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