Esha Gupta, a Bollywood actress, is recognised for her daring and unique dress sense, and it would be incorrect to call Esha Gupta a real fashionista. Though Esha Gupta isn’t receiving many films offers these days, the stunning and attractive actress understands how to stay in the headlines and capture the attention of her millions of Instagram followers.

Esha Gupta is quite active on Instagram, where she frequently posts steamy and seductive videos and photographs. Needless to say, most of Esha Gupta’s Instagram videos and photographs become viral quickly because she has a large following. Now, an old video of Esha Gupta wearing a beautiful black bikini and relaxing on a beach has gone viral. Esha Gupta shared the video last year, and it has gotten over 5 lakh likes so far.


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Meanwhile, Esha Gupta was most recently seen in the online series Aashram 3. Esha played Sonia, an image builder, in Ashram 3, which starred Bobby Deol in the major role. “I had heard so much about this show from word of mouth,” Esha Gupta remarked of her choice to act in Ashram 3. During the epidemic, everyone was talking about it, and I was in my parents’ house in Delhi at the time. ‘What a spectacle!’ everyone would exclaim. So when Prakash Jha handed it to me and Sir said, “This is your character,” I just answered, “I don’t want to hear anything.” You may pay me one rupee and I’ll still do it.” Bobby Deol portrayed ‘Baba Nirala’ in the Ashram online series.