Erica Fernandez Fell Sick, Parth Samthaan Redefines Friendship By Taking Her Care

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out! Standing true to the above words, Parth Samthaan proves to be a loyal and trustworthy companion to Erica Fernandez. We all crave for friends who can stand by us in every condition no matter what! And it is a blessing to find one true friend in this materialistic world.

Parth and Erica are the telly town’s most favored couple today. This ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kayy’ couple is so adorable to watch together on screen and fans wishes to see them as ‘committed’ in the real lives as well. The two characters of Ekta Kapoor’s TV show are loved for their on screen chemistry but what people awaits is the assurance of them being together off screen too. Though their insta accounts and trips tell us a different story, the twosome has not declared anything officially. Be it love or just friendship, we just love their rapport!

Let them deny, but we still find the seed of love popping out. And an another such occurance has forced us to ponder about their ‘happily ever after’. Sources informed that Erica wasn’t feeling well on the sets around 4pm and a doctor was called who adviced Erica for some rest. The shooting was then called off. After that Parth was seen taking care of his special friend the whole time after that.

‘’When the doctor left, Parth was her side for the whole time,taking care of her. While other co-stars also spent time with her, Parth made sure he didn’t leave her.’’ further added the source.

We don’t know whether the duo is in a relationship or not but we do expect a good news in real time soon. On being asked, Parth revealed his rapport with Erica and stated, ‘’ I remember meeting Erica for the first time…… She is an experienced actress and is multi talented so I got to learn a lot from her. It’s great that our off-screen friendship is translating really well on-screen and viewers are enjoying it.’’

The couple has surely got some friendship goals to give us!

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