Does Dating The Same Zodiac Always Accounts For A Happily Ever After?

Trust and compatibility are the two very tacky words in the realm of love and relationships. We all wish for a partner who accepts us as we are and understand us without having said. So does our partner wants! To love is to unite…unite with the symphony of the soul which is ready extending its arms to behold your harmony. And we wish to find the right one under our own reflection. Ever tried dating the same zodiac as yours? Was it worth it? Or was it not? While dating the same sign as yours may bring joy and happiness in your love life, it may not always turn out to be fruitful. Here’s what astrology claims if you are dating your sign.

Aries with an Aries

When two Aries meet, choices can fall on either favor. Outcomes may turn out to be for the better or may even prove to be a disaster in their togetherness. When fire meets fire, results may produce blasts or fireworks! But if you allow yourself to get inspired by each other’s impulses, you two may work out to be a great pair!

Taurus with a Taurus

The Earth signs, standing upright for their stability can prove to be a compatible twosome as they represent balance when merged as one. Money and ambitions may sometime obstruct your way to happiness, disrupting the balance in between but the right amount of understanding and maturity will settle all.

Gemini with a Gemini

An adventurous ride it is going to be! A Gemini choosing another Gemini to spend the rest of the life with is a wise decision based on the passionate cheesy ride and exploring journey they may experience. But to take notice of, the long term stability in the relationship may not get fulfilled after one gets bored.

Cancer with a Cancer

The cancerian relationship is totally built upon an emotional base. And two cancers can only work together well if they learn to appreciate having a sensitive better half.

Leo with a Leo

Leo, as the sign stands for, depicts leadership. And due to this leading ambition of a Leo, relationship can be incompatible between two Leos as equality in their relation is quite impossible.

Virgo with a Virgo

Contrary to other signs, this pair from the same domain can actually work great together! High expectations from your partner may lead to strife occasionally but it turns out in the two helping each other to explore their better selves.

Libra with a Libra

Let them know how to pick their battleground and they will perfectly suit for each other. The sign demands harmony and will turn out to be compatible with each other once get aware of their trait.

Scorpio with a Scorpio

The journey of two scorpions might be marked with the constant number of fights and arguments but can be successful if the duo appreciates the passionate differences between them.

Sagittarius with a Sagittarius

Competitive nature of a Sagittarius may arise some complications in their way together. But, the two are true and honest to each other which may root out the mutual incompatibility.

Capricorn with a Capricorn

Two Capricorns can last together for a lifetime. Being ambitious, they know how to respect each other’s work and private time and are able to build a strong bond with shared values.

Aquarius with an Aquarius

Two Aquarians can help each other to explore their individual potential and pursuits making a great pair but the self centered nature of each can hinder the foundation of love. If they know how to tackle every situation, they will end up great!

Pisces with a Pisces

Mystery about this pair is that they secretly plan their dreams but never ever makes them fulfill. And this trait may lead to instability in their relationship.

Well, so now you know whether dating the person with the same traits as yours would work for you or not. Best of fortune to you!

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