Deepika Padukone Shares Her Relationship With In-Laws, For Ranveer’s Mom, She Is Her ‘Beti’

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh exchanged wedding vows on November 14-15, 2018, in Italy as per Konkani and Punjabi-Sindhi wedding rituals. Since then, DeepVeer is giving major marital goals to everyone. In a post-marriage interview, with Filmfare magazine, Deepika shared how her life changed after marriage.

Deepika Padukone has revealed a lot to the Filmfare magazine. One being asked about her marriage, and how things have changed post that, Deepika said, “I’m a lot more grounded. I feel secure, I feel protected. When you’re in a relationship, there’s still a lot of nerves, you’re still unsure, no matter how long you’ve been dating. I guess, the terms boyfriend and girlfriend sound frivolous. Somewhere, it doesn’t carry that weight as marriage does. Today when we look at each other, there’s a sense of responsibility.”

She also revealed that initially, she was hesitant to commit to Ranveer as her previous relationships had shattered her to the point that she couldn’t trust anyone. Deepika added, “It was not about him. It was about whether I was ready to commit to a relationship. Because I’d been in several relationships before and many times my trust was broken. When I met Ranveer, I was exhausted. I had been constantly in and out of relationships. I just wanted to be alone for some time. I’ve never casually dated anyone. I’ve been in relationships since I was13. (Grins) Now that I’m married I can say this.  Whether it was one year, two years or three years, they were always proper relationships. It was always if you like someone you give it your hundred per cent.”

Elaborating further, Deepika also shared that earlier theirs was an open relationship. She quipped, “So when this relationship, which I was in ended in 2012, I was like I’m done. I wanted to try out this concept of casual dating. I just did not want to be answerable to anyone. When Ranveer and I met in 2012, I told him I realise there’s a connection between us. I really like you but I want to keep it open. I don’t want to commit. If I get attracted to different people I’m going to do my thing. But nothing happened. I couldn’t get myself to do any of that. At the same time, I did not emotionally invest in this relationship. But now when I look back, six months into it I was pretty much emotionally invested in us. After that, it was when do we get married? I was never unsure about him. Of course, in a six-year-long relationship, you go through your ups and downs but we never broke up. There was no major fight or saying let’s take time off and figure this out. We’ve fought; we’ve had our ups and downs. But we stuck through all of that. We got engaged four years ago.”

She also shared how her relationship with Ranveer’s family, and said, “It’s interesting. For his father, I’m like a daughter. But for his mom, I’m like a friend, a beti also. I can tell her my deepest darkest secrets. It’s stupid to explain because I can’t even put it into words. There’s nothing that I have to keep from them. They are like my parents now, they are my family. Uncle is emotional, he breaks down easily. Mum’s an absolute chiller. Like she will party with the youngsters till eight in the morning.”

Aren’t the two are really adorable?

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