Chhavi Mittal’s Hubby Mohit Hussein Shares Yet Another Picture Of Their Newborn Baby Arhaam

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein the founders of Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) has been blessed with a baby boy on May 13, 2019. Chhavi Mittal’s pregnancy journey was a rollercoaster ride but she made it through due to her positive attitude that never let her get disheartened during her trimesters. She is a role model for many. Announcing the arrival of the baby boy, Chhavi took to Instagram and shared a picture of her newborn son. “Thank you so much for all your wishes. I’m still in the hospital recovering and will be sharing my birth story”

Now Chhavi’s husband Mohit has shared yet another picture of baby-boy Arhaam. He captioned the post as, “Long road ahead before he will fit into all things mine and the process is going to be exciting. Each day will bring a new challenge and each day will also bring new joys. Look forward to the challenging joys of the present and future. #fatherhood #fatherson #tinytots #newborn #newbeginnings #parenthood #challange #joy #BabyArham #Arham #mohithussein”.

Though the newbie mother is still ailing but that didn’t stop her from working. Yes, you heard it right, post delivery before discharge she was working. Sharing a picture she wrote, “My feet are so swollen that even flip flops don’t fit. So is the rest of my body. My head hurts like it’ll explode, due to the spinal tap. I’ve gone deaf in one ear, also an extremely rare side effect of the spinal tap. I’m supposed to drink 5 litres of water, and getting up to go the loo takes 15 minutes. Lying down is the only position that gives me comfort, sometimes I even eat in that position. But right now, at 1 am, I’m doing some office work when the baby sleeps and there’s some peace because@shittyideastrending’ s new Web-series #BinBulayeMehmaan had to be launched today. I know this will pass. This pain will be forgotten. But will the pain that I endured on my soul during the birth be ever forgotten? Sharing my birth story soon, when I feel ready”.

On May 12, 2019, which was Mother’s Day a day before her delivery, Chhavi had penned a lovely note dedicating to all the mothers out there. She had shared a beautiful picture with her baby Areeza. Her note could be read as, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all gorgeous mothers! 6 years ago, today this little angel gave me the honour of being a mother. And today she made a surprise card for me which she drew herself. I’m absolutely overwhelmed today because there’s this little child to whom I mean the world, and who takes care of me in her own cute ways… Throwing me a baby shower, hugging me as tight as she can, wiping my tears when I’m sad, cracking kiddy jokes to make me laugh… And there’s this other child who refuses to leave my body.”

Chhavi, you are an inspiration for many. More power to you girl!!

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