“Cannes Has Become Chandiwali Studios Kya?” ‘Filmfare’ Editor Jitesh Pillai Mocks Hina Khan, Salman Khan To Ekta Kapoor Defends Her

The Cannes film festival 2019 emerged with the spell bounding appearances of celebs around the world. The festival is celebrated to welcome the rising stars of the entertainment industry. And this year a special entry was made by actress Hina Khan at the red carpet. Being recognized lately for her debut in a short film named ‘Lines’, the Bigg Boss 11 finalist looked stunning as she walked down the red carpet. Hina looked an epitome of boldness and beauty. But it seems like it didn’t go down well with Filmfare magazine editor Jitesh Pillai who took to his Instagram story and shared a picture of Hina Khan and wrote atop of it “Cannes Has Suddenly Become Chandiwali Studios Kya”.

And this particular comment has left the entire telly industry fuming. From Ekta Kapoor, Nia Sharma to Karanvir Vohra came out in support.

Ekta Kapoor took to Twitter and wrote,” Hina we are so proud of you”.

Nia Sharma also defended Hina Khan and wrote, “Hey @jiteshpillaai Cannes is neither Chandivali studios nor biased towards any medium just like some Ass-licking swine editors of India. And @eyehinakhan’s journey from Chandivali to Cannes has definitely burnt a lot of arses.

Kangna’s sister was not left behind she also defended Hina Khan through a twitter post. She wrote, “Look at him, an actor has gone to a film festival purely cos of her hard work to present her film and here @jiteshpillaai Moushi Ji humiliating her that too openly just cause she is an outsider, this is movie mafia and that’s why Kangana has pledged to destroy them”.

Karanvir Vohra said he was appalled by the post and wrote, “I’m appalled at this insta story of @jiteshpillai Maybe, you had things ready for you maybe you didn’t have a humble beginning, maybe you did….but I think hobnobbing with the gliterati you have forgotten your roots”.

Nakul Mehta wrote, “Cannes is NO Chandivali studio. It can’t ever be. Chandivali is where many TV shows, ad films and features have been shot. Some very iconic ones too @jiteshpillai To a continued journey of evolution and breaking norms, @eyehinakhan! You go girl”.

While Bollywood star host Salman Khan also defended Hina Khan. In a recent media interaction when Salman was asked to comment on Jitesh Pillai’s unfavourable statement on Hina Khan. Salman said, “This is very responsible for the editor to make a comment like that, so thoughtful,” and added, “I don’t understand – what did he want to say? Cannes is Chandivali or Chandivali is going to Cannes?”

And Hina Khan herself gave a sassy reply to Jitesh Pillai through a twitter post. She wrote, “I was persistent, I m constant n I will b efficient again n again again. Don’t know where I belong, don’t know if I have to, as d Place don’t define me! Because as always I will work my a** off n I will make my own PLACE. My promise, a proud outsider from my Chandiwali studios.

All this twitter banter ultimately led to Jitesh Pillai apologising to Hina Khan. He took to Instagram and wrote, “My apologies to Hina Khan. My insta caption has been misconstructed. I would never ever belittle an artist. Those who know me well enough will agree that I am Inclusive and appreciative of talent. My remark was meant to suggest that Cannes has become Bollywood centric. Studios like Chandiwali etc are the very studios that I have spent my time as a Rookie reporter. I would never run down my wonderful year spent in these studios. My sincere apologies to Hina Khan. I wish you continued success”. Take a look:

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