Bridgerton Season 2 Resumes Production

The second season of Bridgerton was postponed for 24 hours due to the COVID19 case on set and now has resumed production. The Netflix series premiered in December last year and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, who has signed a multi-year contract with the streaming platform. According to Netflix, 82 million households have enabled Bridgerton, making it the highest-rated series of all time. A few months after the premiere, Netflix extended the show for three more seasons. In Julia Quinn’s novel, each issue is devoted to a member of the Bridgerton family during the London rule.

The first season of Bridgeton introduced Daphne Bridgeton, the eldest daughter of the champion family. The desperate romantic Daphne started the first season. She hopes to find a husband who can respect and love her. This time he met Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings. The two quarreled most of the time in the episode and eventually fell in love. Although the continued lack of communication forced the couple to separate for a long time, Daphne and Simon stayed behind. Finally, at the end of the season, the couple married and gave birth to a young son.

According to TheWrap, the production of the second season of Bridgerton was suspended for one day after multiple COVID19 cases broke out on the set. Netflix shows have been confirmed to comply with all UK health and safety protocols related to COVID19. , None of the actors gave positive results. Filming of Bridgerton has now resumed.

The upcoming second season investigates how Daphne’s brother Anthony handles family and financial problems in London. “Sex Education” star Simone Ashley played her new love-Kate Sharma. In the first season finale, Anthony struggled with grief after breaking up with the opera singer Siena. He thinks that love is nothing but a cruel pastime, and he tells Daphne and Simon that he intends to find a suitable viscountess. Anthony did not follow his heart but planned to do so. Marriage is to fulfill their family responsibilities as the new patriarch.

Because of Bridgerton’s preference for melodramas and conspiracies, nothing can be done according to Viscount’s plan. Although Anthony claims that he will get married because of his duties, it will be interesting to see how Kate Sharma gets this from her. As Daphne herself proved, love is not subject to any rules or timetables.

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