Boney Kapoor Confirms To Make The Sequel Of Mr. India

Death is always unpredictable! It comes in a blink of an eye and leaves everyone helpless. It is no different for our B-Town stars. Last year, when our ‘Hawa Hawai’, Sridevi went to her eternal abode without any prior indication, it was like one of the darkest nightmares in the Bollywood industry. Everyone was in great disbelief and pain. After the death of the actress, the sequel of the iconic movie, Mr. India whose making was in discussion, was supposed to drop because the former director, Shekhar Kapur believed that there can be no Mr. India without Sridevi.

However, Sridevi’s husband and the famous producer, Boney Kapoor think of it as an even greater reason for this sequel to be made. He says, “While Sri was considered a glamorous star earlier, the audience’s perception of her changed after Mr. India — then on, she was seen as a powerful actress. Anil too became more legitimate a performer with the film. After Sri, I have even more reason to make the film now.”

The sequel of the movie has been under a lot of discussions and everyone is in suspicion about it. Recently, Anil and Shekhar had a meeting together and the latter gave a hint to the fans that they might have been discussing about the movie. The director took to his Twitter handle and posted a picture of them from the meeting and captioned it as, “Discussing the look for the next Mr. India 2, or another movie together? You tell them @AnilKapoor!”

They had put the audience in a lot of suspense. However, Boney Kapoor has confirmed the news from his side during an interview with the Mid-day. Though he is not sure of the cast and the timeline but he assured that the sequel will be made, saying, “The idea is to create a reboot first, and then, make a franchise of it. It needs to be made more contemporary. We have a basic structure in mind. We haven’t decided on a timeline yet, but intend to make it soon.”

Well, let’s hope to get some news of its making soon!

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