BOLLYWOOD SCOOP: Hema Malini Reveals Her Father Tried To Keep Her Away From Dharmendra: He Didn’t Want Us To Spend Time Alone

Bollywood’s beauty queen Hema Malini is all set to grace the stage of Indian Idol 12. She will be a special guest of the show. The veteran actress will discuss when she and Dharmendra were dating one another. Discussing her and Dharmendra’s dating stage, she will uncover that her dad used to attempt to get her far from Dharmendra. He used to go with her to the sets as he didn’t want her and Dharmendra to spend time alone.

Those of you who don’t know that Dharmendra Deol was a hitched man and had gotten married to Prakash Kaur in the year 1957. In any case, it was during the ’70s when he had succumbed to Hema Malini’s appeal. Initially, the actress had made a point not to respond to his emotions as she would not like to engage with a wedded man yet she couldn’t maintain a strategic distance from his adoration for long and finally admitted her feelings too. Furthermore, in the year 1980, the couple had gotten married to a close ceremony.

Hema Ji portrayed a fascinating story when she was dating Dharmendra. The entertainer thought back the time and shared that they were going for shooting and for that her dad, particularly had gone with her, so she was unable to spend alone time with Dharmendra. While sharing the incident, Hema Ji said, “Typically my mom or my auntie used to go with me on shoots however during the shoot of one of the melodies my dad went with me as he was concerned that I and Dharam Ji shouldn’t stay alone together as he probably was aware we were companions. I recollect this when we used to go in a vehicle my dad used to quickly sit close to me yet even Dharam Ji was no less he used to sit at the following seat.”

Purportedly, Hema’s dad was against her and Dharmendra’s relationship as the Phool Aur Patthar actor was at that point wedded to Prakash Kaur and had two children with her, Sunny and Bobby Deol. For the open, in 1970, while going for the film Tum Haseen Main Jawan, Hema and Dharmendra met interestingly. The pair played the lead jobs in the film and later, fall in love with each other madly.

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