Bollywood Scoop: Bollywood Actress Suhasini Mulay; Finding Love, Marriage And Happiness At The Age Of 60

You are never too old to even think about satisfying your fantasies, enthusiasm and indeed, even get hitched there is no age for you to find the love of your life. There is no opportune time to track down your significant other. One such amazing romantic tale of famous Bollywood and Marathi actress, Suhasini Mulay. She has overcome every one of the chances to advise us that there is to be sure somebody who might be listening to your wishes. The 65-year-old actress met her perfect partner on Facebook when she just turned 60.

As per the reports, Mulay was in a live-in relationship during the 1990s, which didn’t turn out great. The actress stayed single for just about twenty years subsequent to heading out in different directions from her ex. The actress didn’t have time to look for another relationship as she was busy doing films.

She is the living example that fantasies have no expiry date. She strolled the walkway at 60, in 2011, to then 65-year-old molecule physicist, Atul Gurtu. Regardless of their age factor and total opposites calling, the couple began a life together. Also, they even got acknowledged by the Indian culture, which normally ‘plays by the rulebook’. Here is a short return to the entertainer’s romantic tale and unshakable marriage, which is no not exactly deserving of a film’s content.

For the world, Suhasini Mulay was a pretty talented actress who could have nothing in her life to pester about. Having won a National Award for Hu Tu (1999) and with films like Dil Chahta Hai and Jodha Akbar in her kitty, this single actress was consuming a very fun time. Notwithstanding, her aching for a friend was where it counts covered inside the heart, away from the world.

The cheerful bend in the story came, when one of her friends incited her to make a Facebook account for work purposes. Mulay marked onto Facebook, and before long met her future spouse, Atul Gurtu there as it were. The online world worked out in a manner she would never at any point have envisioned.

The legendary actress, not only proved that the institution of marriage is above any myths attached with old age and beliefs, but also set an example of strong will. She ignored the sniggers, comments and frowning faces of her closed ones and stuck to her decision.

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