Bollywood Actresses Who Turned Lesb*ians And Accepted It In Public

Bollywood is full of glitz and glamour. Many actors and actresses in the industry come and go but almost everyone leaves behind some memories. The industry is known for every small reason and is very open about love affairs and heterosexual relationship and celebrities. And after article 377, Nowadays heterose*xually is considered very normal and one can openly talk about their gay relationship in public.

Yet people do not consider lesbian normal. What about lesbian? A lesbian relationship is rarely even hinted at or assumed! Still, there are some couples who opened up about their same-s*ex relationship. Ever heard this before? Have a look:

Bollywood actresses that turned out to be a lesbian–

1  Poonam Pandey

Poonam who is a model turned actress is well known in the industry for her boldness. Earlier, Poonam promised to pose nude for the members of Indian Cricket Team if they won the 2011 World Cup. She constantly shares her hot pictures and videos on her Instagram handle. Well, She was spotted kissing her hottie at the party.

2 Mink Brar

Most of us have heard about the terms heterose*xuals, homose*xuals and bise*xuals but Mink Brar scoffs at such tags invented by society – for she is neither of the three. “I’m a lesbian,” says she, “But that doesn’t mean that I shall be a lesbian forever. Seems like Mink Brar is confused about her se*xuality.

3 Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam who was seen in ‘Love Story’ has fund love in her female companion from the same film. The tabloid also says “that both of the females are open about her affection for each other.”

Shocked, right? What do you have to say about this?

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