Bigg Boss Fame Priya Malik Opens Up About Engagement With Karan Bakshi and Divorce With Ex-Husband

Priya Malik rose to extreme fame when she was seen in season 9 of Bigg Boss. Although she did not take the trophy home but managed to make the show more interesting by adding a lot of drama to it. Recently, Priya announced her engagement to Delhi-based entrepreneur, Karan Bakshi, but had exchanged rings in 2019. Priya Malik also talks about her divorce with Bhushan Kumar and what led to keep it a secret for a very long time.

Speaking to Bollywoodlife, Priya Malik shared why she kept her divorce with Bhushan Kumar and engagement with Karan Bakshi a secret. She said, “This is going to be my second marriage. And I had not announced my divorce publicly. So I was being really private about our relationship. And since our relationship has finally been accepted, we decided to make it public.” Priya revealed that Karan and she had been dating a year prior t their engagement and were living in together in Mumbai. She disclosed that both the families were aware of their relationship from the very beginning.

The Bigg Boss 9 fame mentioned that the year she started dating Karan, she also got divorced from her former husband Bhushan Malik. In the interview, talking about what went wrong with Bhushan and her first marriage, Malik said, “Nothing went wrong to be honest. It was just a mutual decision. And that’s something I always talk about how we should normalize divorce. It doesn’t have to be ke kuch hua.” She mentioned that there was no domestic violence, no adultery, and revealed that it was just two people falling out of love because they both took different paths in life. She also called her ex-husband an amazing guy and said that she is happy that their divorce happened on friendly, agreeable and respectable terms. Priya also mentioned that Bhushan was the first person she informed about her relationship and her engagement.

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