Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal Questions Shehzad Deol’s Elimination, “What Is Jaan Kumar Sanu Doing There?”

Bigg Boss 14 is all set to see its second elimination in the form of Shehzad Deol, as reported by Spotboye. It is believed that he would be eliminated as he isn’t seen doing much in the house. In yesterday’s episode, Shehzad was seen with a gayab tag. And his elimination news is not taken very well with his followers and even the eliminated Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal.

Shehzad Deol

In a conversation with Spotboye, Sara Gurpal was aksed if evicting Shehzad Deol was a fair decision. To which Sara was quoted saying, “I will not be happy if it’s true. I think Shehzad is deserving just like me. Throwing him out would not be fair. I want to ask what is Jaan doing there? Can somebody tell me what is he doing? Since day 1 what he has been doing? I could see audiences also asking the same question about him and Nishnat. Chalo Nishant ka to abhi is week mein kuch hua bhi jab unhone task perform kiya. How can they send someone who is actually deserving? Mujhe bhaut dukh hoga agar vo sach mein bahar hogaya hai.”

Sara further stated that eliminations taking place this season are totally unfair and it should be the audience who should decide, “Naa contestants ke haath mein chhodo, na seniors ke haath mein chhodo, ye janta ka show hai aur 14 saal se janta ki wajah se hi chal raha hai. So, I think they should now open the lines and see who people like. Let them decide who deserves to be inside. After I came out, I saw people saying it was unfair, which makes me feel if it would have been a public decision, I might have not come out,” Sara concluded.

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