Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli Alleges That Jaan Kumar Sanu Forcefully Kissed Her, Here’s What Her Mom Has To Say

Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli first started as friends in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Their chemistry was loved by everyone in or outside the Bigg Boss house. However, their friendship couldn’t last long and the two have turned up against each other. In one of the episodes, while putting some serious allegations on Jaan, Nikki asked him to go to jail. When she was asked the reason, Nikki stated that Jaan kept kissing her despite saying no.

While speaking about the same, Nikki Tamboli’s mother Pramila Tmaboli told Spotboye, “What she did with Jaan Kumar Sanu was for him only. Jaan’s mother must have felt bad and it’s normal after all she is his mother but Nikki has not done anything wrong with him. Jaan ko apne se door karne ke liye usne ye sab bola. When Nikki had come out after her eviction on the show I had spoken to her and she told me, “Mummy, Jaan is a really nice guy. He is a simple man and I can’t even think of cheating him. If I would have not done this he must have got involved with me more deeply which I didn’t want. Aage jakar uska dil toot jata to usko bhaut bura lagta.” She thought before any such circumstances arise I should tell him.”

She also added, “Nikki wasn’t aware that how many days Jaan will Jaan be in the house for. But if they would have stayed together he may have got more and more involved with her. She said I want to make my career and lot of people will come my way but I can’t get involved with them na. But I corrected her by saing ‘thodi si zyadti hogai tujhse’ to which she replied ‘agar main zyadti nahi karti to vo mujhe nahi chhod pata.”

Upon being asked if she feels that making such accusations on national television was right on the part of Nikki, her mother says, “Nikki told me it is very difficult to make him understand anything. And as a viewer I will also agree to it. Because in the episodes we have seen how Nikki has made it clear to him about her feelings, also went on calling him Bhaijaan. So he should have understood at that point only. She always kept it clear that he is just a friend to him. But he was not ready to understand that. So she decided to break his heart now than later.”

Pramila Tamboli reveals, “Nikki told me mujhe pata hai log mujhe kaafi blame kar rahe honge ispar but mujhe chalega. Par uska dil toota vo mujhe accha nahi lagta. Maine uske saath kisi bhi angle se dhoka nahi kiya.”

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