Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Wants To Keep Secrets About His Relationship With Pavitra Punia, “Nazar Lag Jaati Hai Yaar”

The controversial Bigg Boss house has seen many contestants falling in love but only a few have had a successful relationship and Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia could be one of those couples. During the family week in Bigg Boss house, Pavitra had entered the house to meet Eijaz and that’s when the two confessed their love for each other on national television. Now, Eijaz Khan who has openly confessed his love for Pavitra said that he is a little reserved about their relationship and doesn’t want to make everything public.

In a recent interview with Zoom, Eijaz Khan was quizzed about his plans to take his relationship forward with his ladylove Pavitra, to this he replied, “I think as every human being does, we are no different. Yaar, I don’t want to talk about it so much. It will keep coming out in public, they will keep talking about it. Nazar lag jaati hai yaar. Let some things be private. These could be the most beautiful days of our life when I come out of Bigg Boss 14 again. So, I want to enjoy it as much as possible without telling everyone (laughs). Just let us be.”

Eijaz further said that he admires all qualities of Pavitra. “Everything. Jaisi bhi hai mujhe qubool hai. I like everything about her,” he added. Eijaz went on to elaborate on how he fell in love with Pavitra and released that she is the one for him.

 “There was not any particular moment. I think it happened gradually. There was always chemistry. There was always catching each other’s eyes. But there was also a thing that we are in a game. But she being the most sensible, mature one, she made me realise the thing. We are where we are because of all those small moments of magic,” he told the portal.

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