Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Meets Pavitra Punia’s Brother, Wants To Tell Them They’re ‘Serious’

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan who recently bid adieu to the show confessed his feelings for Pavitra Punia. While the two were seen often fighting with each other, we could also see the two sharing a special bond inside the controversial house. No matter what, their chemistry was truly loved by the audience. There have been many moments when Eijaz was seen talking about his feelings for Pavitra to other housemates. During the family week, when Pavitra Punia entered the house to meet Eijaz Khan, they were seen discussing their feeling with each other. Now, after his exit from the reality show, Eijaz Khan has revealed that he met Pavitra Punia’s family to discuss their relationship.

While speaking to ETimes, Eijaz Khan revealed that he wanted the people close to them to know that they are serious about their relationship. “The relationship will progress naturally from here on. We won’t rush for anything. When I first went to her house, I met her brother. It was very necessary to meet and inform a member of her family that my intentions are noble. Later, I got to know that there were too many misunderstandings and rumours about our relationship. So, we had to handle that. My brother has also met Pavitra and while I was taking a nap they spoke about me. Inshallah everything will be good.”

He further went on to add that he would like to keep his personal life private. “I don’t want to put anything out there. In fact, if given a choice I would like to keep my personal life private. But people who love us, I want them to know how serious it is. Pavitra and I have spoken to each other and we understand and here families are also involved. We have confessed on national television now how bigger can it get,” he shared.

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