Bigg Boss 13 Unseen Video: Paras Chhabra Breaks Down While Speaking About His Father’s Death

Bigg Boss contestants are considered to be too harsh and rigid when it comes to surviving Inside the house. However, they too have a normal and emotional side that comes to the fore on very few occasions. One of the contestants, Paras Chhabra is known to be the strongest contestants who ensures that he gets the footage by any means. People consider him to be too emotionally dead. However, a new Unseen video of Paras Chhabra shows him revealing him emotions while talking about his dead father.

In the undekha tadka video, housemates Arti Singh and Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra are eagerly waiting to meet their family members and discussing the same as when will Bigg Boss allows the housemates to meet their family members.

At this moment, Mahira puts forth her desire to meet her mother as she is missing her a lot. Soon, Paras also agrees and says he also wants to meet his mother. Arti, who is sitting beside the two, asks Paras about his father, he informs her about him passing away three years ago. Leaving Arti feeling sorry for him, she further says that clarifies why the actor had taken odd jobs to earn his livelihood. He also further mentions of his family business dooming down, hence, leaving him in a tight spot.

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