Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Says “Don’t Want To See Arhaan’s Face”; Reveals Never Had A Bond With Siddharth

Big Boss has come to an end, with Sidharth Shukla as a winner. Howevr. along with the mate, Rashmi, Shehnaaz, Arti, Asim and Paras have made their place in top 5. Rashmi’s personal life had come on television during the show when Arhaan entered the house and things he did. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Rashmi explained it all. Have a look:

Will you meet or confront him now?

I am very clear with my decision that I don’t see a future with Him. I have helped him throughout, outside and inside the house. I don’t think I will do any confrontation or anything. I will just move on with life.

Did it bother you when he spoke about bankruptcy and other things?

I have one bad habit which is also my good habit. I do a lot for people but I never say it. I don’t like it. Whatever I did was for his good and if he couldn’t understand that, I think it is his fault. When Gaurav came and told me, I was shocked. When he said unhone mujhe Uthappa hai, toh I just chuckled and laughed. Who is he to pick me up and make me? He himself knows his position and reality. He should have thought before making such a comment. I am very happy that despite my taking some time, I am happy that I have come to a decision.

Your equation with Sidharth Shukla? Fans ship you as SidRa.

We used to fight a lot and then we became friends. But we never had that sort of bond and then we fought again. During the show, I used to get poked a lot and our actions were seen as reactions. Recently, when we started talking, when My niece came and told me, we started talking. I was like as far as he is fine with me, I am cool. I will be tit for tat with him. I am not overfriendly with him but I am comfortable with him.

What is your take away from the show?

When you are inside the house, things are very different there. Even if you are crying, they feel it is to gain sympathy. There are times when you just want to leave. I think I met the right people there in the form of Devoleena and Asim. I think the way I handled the personal things inside, I never thought I would.

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