Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Spotted Without His Wig? Proof He Is Actually Bald!

There have been many rumors recently that Paras Chhabra does not have the lustrous locks that are shown in the show. There have been fights when others in the house have called him takla and he has taken an offence at that. Even in a fight, it was noted that Paras’ wig was taken off and he was seen readjusting it. But now, an unseen footage shows that Paras is actually bald and has a wig on.

In yesterday’s episode, Paras raised the eyebrows yet again about his baldness. In the video paras can be seen coming out from the washroom, as he talked to Mahira; however, his locks appeared flattened unlike most of the times when we see Paras flaunting his perfectly-styled, lustrous hair. So, does the actor always gets rid of his alleged wig before dozing off to sleep or yesterday was an exception? Check out the clip below:

If you still can’t believe what did you just see, Here’s a screenshot of the same:

In a recent interview with media, Paras’ ex-best friend Dev Banerjee had said, “Paras was balding when we were friends. He was balding not from the front or back at least till then, but from the middle. We had spoken about this and he had told me that he’s planning to wear a wig. So, I am not surprised if he’s wearing one now.” OOPS!

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