Bigg Boss 13: Madhurima Tuli’s Mother Condemns Her For Hitting Vishal Aditya Singh With A Frying Pan, Says, “I Have Always Supported Him”

Bigg Boss 13 house has turned into a battlefield with each passing day. Recently we saw an example when Madhurima Tuli and her ex-boyfriend Vishal Aditya Singh indulged into a physical fight in the house. It all started when Madhurima Tuli called Vishal Aditya Singh “behenji”. And this obviously didn’t go down well with Vishal, who went on to throw water on her, her blanket and also on the cameras. Madhurima lost her cool and took a frying pan in the kitchen and repeatedly hit him with the pan leaving the housemates in shock.

In a recent interview with ET Times, Madhurima Tuli’s mother opened up about her daughter’s aggressive behavior towards her ex-boyfriend Vishal Aditya Singh which may lead to her unceremonious exit from the show. She had stated, “I am totally against violence, I condemn it. I won’t support what my daughter did, but I also feel that Vishal poked her continuously and she lost her cool. She could have hit herself, why did she hit Vishal? It is totally wrong. I am not supporting her in this. I love Vishal and Madhurima both. They are equally close to me. I have always supported Vishal and this time I am also with him.”

Further talking about what may have led her daughter to take such a violent step, she said, “Madhurima really loved him a lot and he has become her weakness. She has not been able to get over him. She is not able to take his demeaning statements that she has come on the show because of him.” 

She also accused Vishal of mentally torturing her daughter and said, “hurting her time and again”. Vishal had once told Madhurima in a fit of anger, “Tere muh par toh main thookunga bhi nahi, tu mere peeche peeche iss show mein aayi hai (I will not even spit on your face, you have followed me on the show).”

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Reports also suggest that in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode Salman will ask her to leave the show. According to the Instagram page “biggboss_khabri” Madhurima will have to face the repercussions of her aggressive behavior and will be asked to leave the show.

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan also slammed Madhurima for her violent behavior and demanded her ouster. She had tweeted, “Violence , hinsa , is never a neechee mamla! That’s the reason for domestic abuse ! Happens behind closed doors ! #Madhurima is a violent person , if the man had done the same thing , would it still be a neechee mamla?? Deserves to be out !”

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