Bigg Boss 13 Exclusive: Paras Chhabra Takes Rs10 Lakh & Leaves The Show!!!

Today is the grand finale of one of the most successful and historic seasons of Bigg Boss. The thirteenth season was indeed one of the most exciting and thrilling ones. And now that the show is just a few hours away from its finale, there has been breaking news that’s getting everyone shocked.

One of the top contenders of the Bigg Boss trophy, Paras Chhabra has opted out of the game by taking Rs. 10 lakhs offered by the makers. It is believed that Bigg Boss offered the money to all six who would like to take the money and leave the show. While no one was eager to leave the show, Paras Chhabra is coming forward and is ready to take the money and leave.

Since morning, there had been reports of Asim Riaz leaving the show with the money, but his team clarified on Twitter stating that it’s just a rumour.

Talking about Paras’ journey inside the house, his bond with Mahira Sharma kept him in the headlines. Also, his break-up with Akanksha Puri created a lot of controversy.

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