Bigg Boss 13: Asim’s Dad Blast`s Sidharth For His Arrogance And Getting His Son ‘Fattu’ Tag

Bigg Boss 13 has got an interesting twist. The family members of many of the contestants are all set to enter the house. There might be some scuffle among them as it is naturally expected of them. Last week, we saw Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla getting hot-headed and on each other’s nerves once again. Even Salman Khan asked the two to go ahead and get the fight sorted outside and enter inside later. But while Sidharth agreed for the same, Asim decided not to get into the physical fight.

On Twitter, reacting to a Twitterati calling Asim Riaz ‘fattu’, Asim’s father Riaz Ahmed Choudhary, tweeted, “Anchor @BeingSalmanKhan was just testing who is desperate to  go for fight but  Sid  could not make out & stood up that speaks his arrogant behaviour when loosing temper  & Asim did good & used wisdom by saying that I do not want to fight as #BiggBoss has its own norms.” In his tweet, Asim’s father explained that during the episode, Salman Khan was just testing who is desperate to go for a fight, and clearly, as Sidharth could not make it out, he stood up.

Talking about how Sidharth’s agreed to fight outside the house on Salman Khan’s permission, Asim’s father Riaz Ahmed Choudhary mentioned that it speaks of his arrogant behavior and temper. Asim’s father then lauded his son Asim Riaz for not standing up to fight against Shukla and mentioned he did good. He added that Asim used wisdom by saying that he does not want to fight as BiggBoss has its own norms.

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