Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan And Rashmi Desai To Get Married Inside The House?

In the last weekend episode of Bigg Boss 13, we saw Salman Khan exposing the truth about Arhaan Khan’s marriage and kid to his girlfriend Rashmi Desai. He had bashed Arhaan for hiding the truth about his kid. Rashmi was in disbelief and cried inconsolably. Later Salman himself entered the house and sorted out things between the two and Rashmi forgave Arhaan for hiding the truth from her. And now there is an interesting update about this couple which will make you excited for the upcoming episodes.

As per recent reports, the makers of the show have offered Rashmi and Arhaan to get married inside the house in the next two weeks. Though, we are not sure whether Rashmi or Arhaan had accepted this offer or not. If they did it will be interesting to see how things take turn inside the house.

There were recent reports that the host of the show Salman might quit the show. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Salman had shared, “Yeah, a part of mine wants to cut that part and throw it out and the other part wants to keep it. And the latter is haavi on the part that wants to throw it out.”

He also shared whether he likes the show or not. He had stated, “I like it. It gets stressful, but I learn a lot. And I get to know where the country is going, what is happening to values, morals, scruples and principles. We see it right there, with celebrities. The beauty is once they are out of the house, they are not like that at all. It’s not as if they are giving performances, the house makes them like that.”

As per a PTI report, Salman was upset with the behaviour of the housemates and is planning to quit the show. A source had told PTI, “It is true that Salman Khan is quitting and Farah Khan will take over Bigg Boss. He was disappointed by the contestants’ behaviour. He has also announced this in the show. The last day of (his) shoot is not fixed yet. She (Farah) is expected to (take over) in January.”

What are your views on Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan’s marriage inside the house?

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