Big Boss 13: Fans Agitated As Makers Close The Voting Lines For Vishal Aditya Singh Three Hours Before The Others

Bigg Boss season 13 has witnessed a lot of fights between the contestants. It ultimately turned out to be the most successful TRP gained show on television, entertaining and nasty fights have made the show gain more popularity and there are no second thoughts about it. As the thirteenth season is approaching towards its end, every contestant is putting their best game forward to win the show and with that, the show but the fights between the contestants seem no end and with that Bigg Boss has yet again dropped one more bomb inside the house. But now, he makes are been blamed. Read on to know why.

Vishal Aditya Singh is usually considered a weak contestant than the others. For the longest time, he has been in bottom 2. It was only last week when he that he was declared safe. Even his close friend, Rashmi thinks that he is weak than her. He is often known for his confusing nature and weak decision-making ability. He does not take his stand usually and do not have a strong point of view.

Now, as per the reports, the voting lines for Vishal Aditya Singh are getting shut three hours before all the other contestants. A fan has pointed out this blunder on social media. Voting lines for Vishal close at 10 while for rest of the celebrities like Rashami Desai, Asim Riaz and others, lines will close at 1 am. A fan posted screen shot of the show and wrote, “Aap ise post kr skte ho please support #VishalAadityaSingh ye kese 3 ghante pehle vishal ki voting line close kr skte h other 3 contents ko chose or explan #VoteForVishal.”

This made the other fans furious and they took their social media to express their anger. Have a look at their tweets:

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