Big Boss 13: Asim’s Brother, Umar Gets Agitated With Vikas’s Made-up Stories About Asim

Bigg Boss has decided to get a bit mote TRPs on the love story of Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana that blossomed inside the house. Himanshi was already engaged to her boyfriend with whom she had a relationship of 9 years. But two weeks back, Asim was given the good news by Parag, Shefali Jariwala’s boyfriend that she has broken up with her and is waiting for him.

Now, viewers are going crazy for Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana. In the latest promo, released by the colors, we can see Himanshi re-entering the house. Asim was seen elated with the news and ran to welcome her. Asim even proposed for marriage to her lady love. While he expressed his love and screamed, “I love you, will you marry me? Tell me do you love me?” Himanshi replied with, “Yes, I love you.” Have a look:

Yesterday, we showed you a throwback video, where Asim was seen discussing his relationship with his old friend Siddharth. In the video, Asim claims to be in a relationship with a model who hails from Mumbai. He says He mentions that he is in a relationship and that he has not called it quits yet. He appears confused. Sidharth asks him ‘relationship kab tuti’, to which, Asim says ‘abhi bus yahan aane se pehle.’ When Sidharth probes further, Asim says that his relationship is still on just that they don’t talk much these days. He says that it isn’t working out between the two. Have a look:

And now as Vikas is back, he is seeing digging things from Asim’s past. In the promo, we saw Vikas Gupta discussing about Asim and his outside love life with Shehnaaz Gill. He tells Shehnaaz that he has a connection outside and that he should have ended it first before starting anything with Himanshi inside the house. And in the preview for tonight’s episode, we also saw Vikas confront Himanshi Khurana and Asim about the same.

Umar, Asim’s brother has always supported his brother and this behaviour of Vikas made him furious. Sharing a post on his twitter, he wrote, “Dont talk sht about my bro @lostboy54. Better be worried about ur love life rather than caring about my brother’s. He already scrwed ur case when u were inside the BB house , the so called mastermind of BB. Failed players and their shtty made up stories!”

Wait for tonight’s episode for more updates.

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