Bhagyavidhata Actress Richa Sony Trolled For Marrying A Muslim Man, The Actress Gives A Befitting Reply

Bhagyavidhata fame Richa Sony recently tied the knot with longtime boyfriend  Jigar Ali Sumbhaniya first in a Bengali wedding. The actress had earlier revealed that her parents were quite upset with her decision to marry Jigar but they gave in after they were convinced that Jigar would keep her happy at any cost.

Richa’s parents might have agreed but it looks like online trolls can’t digest the fact that she is engaged to some Muslim man.  Recently Richa posted a happy picture with her husband. In the picture, both of them can be seen lost in each other’s eyes. She dedicated her post to the haters and wrote, “This photo ❤️ from our wedding is especially for the haters. Who keeps stalking me with random Names and identity. You may be spineless but I am not and that troubles you, filthy haters. You can only diversify the cast, creed and religion. It’s very easy for you haters to call someone prostitute. And, speak about religion. That says a lot about your humanity/upbringing. Your hatred comments won’t stop me to post pictures I wish to post. It’s my page and has a class. Show me your real identity and look on your own. What I do to you! Cheers!! Also, I am proud of my husband @alisumbhaniya  if that rubs my haters’ wrong way. Do me a favour shove some chillies in your ass and burn”, Check it out:

However, a hater posted a long comment on the post and called it to love jihad. Muslims use love jihad to trap naive and & religiously detached Hindu girls & most of the cases their lives get ruined later when harsh reality comes in to picture.”

This comment did not go down well with Richa and she posted a screenshot of her reply to the comment. She wrote, “Hatred for any religion will not take you anywhere. Also, those who target woman and bad mouth about her choices. Accuse her or even try to impose their thoughts. It’s a crime #defamation#act under our #jurisdictions. Hiding behind a fake identity. Understand, I will not take a single abuse. Over anything.”

For those who don’t know love blossomed between Richa Sony and Jigar at a fitness workshop and it was Jigar who proposed Richa. She has been a part of Shararat, Bhagyavidhaata, C.I.D. Siya Ke Ram, Jaat Ki Jugni and is currently seen as Rakhi in Star Bharat’s Muskaan.



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