Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, the buzzworthy contestants of Bigg Boss 17, took centre stage in a recent special episode. The episode stirred controversy as clips of the conversation went viral, showcasing a heated exchange between Ankita and Vicky’s mother.

The Unsettling Exchange

In the video snippets circulating online, Vicky’s mother appears to be on the offensive, criticizing Ankita for her perceived shortcomings in handling her son. The tension escalates as Vicky’s mother continuously interrupts Ankita’s mother, insisting on hearing only from her son. Accusations fly, with Vicky’s mother implying that Ankita fails to comprehend her son.

Despite the evident tension, Ankita manages to maintain her composure, responding to the criticisms with poise. She tactfully questions where she may have erred in the eyes of her mother-in-law, seeking understanding amidst the apparent conflict.

Audience Backlash: A Mother-in-law Labeled Toxic

As the video gained traction, viewers of Bigg Boss 17 swiftly condemned Vicky’s mother for her behaviour, branding her as toxic. Social media was flooded with comments expressing disappointment over her lack of respect and empathy. One user remarked, “Ankita understood that the mother-in-law came solely for Vicky, asking about herself to her mother. I wish Vicky’s mother had shown compassion towards both of them.”

The audience condemned the constant interruptions and disrespectful tone, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect in such family dynamics. Another comment read, “The way his mother kept asking Ankita’s mother to shut up is disrespectful, and I would never let it be on both sides; there should be mutual respect.”

Amid the chaos, Ankita Lokhande’s dignified response amid the family turmoil garnered support and admiration from viewers, sparking discussions about familial dynamics within the Bigg Boss house.