Aryan Khan Drug Case: Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Was Nervous Boarding The Cruise, SRK’s Manager And Advocate Reached Court, Checkout Video Inside

In the shocking incident Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been arrested in the drug case by NCB. Aryan was on the cruise headed to Goa and was raided by NCB in the mid-way. The star kid was caught in the rave party held on a cruise ship. The rave party had drugs including cocaine, hashish, and MD(ecstasy). Reportedly, Aryan Khan had consumed charas and was taken to custody by the officials till October 4th.

According to the latest reports, Aryan Khan was nervous while boarding the ship which alerted the NCB team who had got a tip-off about the party. The officials were disguised as normal passengers on the cruise to bust the drug party. Aryan Khan was apologetic as he was caught by the NCB team and was asked to accompany the officials to their office.

Now as per the reports, the NCB officials had got a tip-off about the rave party being organized in the mid of the sea. The NCB team had been planning to bust the rave party for the past couple of days. The officials prepared a plan to enter the cruise by dressing as undercover agents. The agents entered the vessel via Green Gate in South Mumbai, a team was already waiting at the shore. “The team kept a close watch on the invitees. We studied their body language at the entrance to ascertain if they are the ones we were looking for,” revealed an officer.


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As soon as the staff of the ship made way for VIP guests Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant the officials got alert. When the duo was asked to go through mandatory security checks, Aryan Khan’s body language changed and he could be seen as extremely nervous. This made the officials check the shoes of Arbaaz Merchant where the drugs were kept. Arbaaz and Aryan then told the NCB that they are a part of an 8-member group and the rest of them have boarded the cruise.

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