Eid will be celebrated with much pomp in India on the 5th of June this year. Everyone, especially the Muslims are gearing up to participate in this festival and their preparations are in full swing. Like every year, this year too a number of stars organized Iftaar party at their residence to host the Iftaari for those fasting. And when it comes to Iftaar party, the name of Baba Siddiqui comes to the mind among the ardent followers of Bollywood.

Last night, Baba Siddiqui hosted a grand Iftaar party and a number of Bollywood stars marked their presence at the event. The Khan khandaan was also present at the event and shining among them Salman’s sister Arpita Sharma. Even present was Arbaaz Khan with is alleged girlfriend Giorgia Andriani. The family bond between the Khan family was clearly visible at the party. And Giorgia has also become a strong part of the family.

While everyone was busy enjoying the meals at the get-together, Arpita Sharma noticed something off about her brother’s girlfriend Giorgia. And she did not let Giorgia get embarrassed and helped her cover her cleavage on the spot. It was a typical girl-to-girl moment between Arpita and Giorgia and we’re sure many can relate to it. Watch the video below:

Giorgia was dressed in a white Indian lehenga-choli, but her neckline was a bit low in accordance to a religious gathering. Probably unaware of the customs and dress code, Georgia was casually talking to the guests around, which is when a concerned sister, Arpita Khan hushed quick advice in Giorgia’s ears. Watch how she asks Arbaaz’s girlfriend to bend and whispers to pull the dupatta down to cover her neckline. And in an instant, Georgia follows Arpita’s tip. Here’s another video, where we can see Georgia all covered-up as she takes her dupatta ahead:

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