Arora sisters, Malaika and Amrita went on a heartwarming photo shoot with children, Arhaan and Azaan

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world full of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway.” That’s what sisters mean to each other. The B-Town has also seen some of such great bonds, one of which is the bond shared between the Arora sisters, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora.

From gym and parties to problem and solutions, they are always seen together. Amrita is the the younger sister of Malaika and the duo always sets high sister goals for others. They are often seen together at various events but it’s rare to see them and their children, all together. However, recently Malaika and Amrita went on for a photo shoot along with their children, Arhaan Khan, Azaan Ladak and Rayaan Ladak.

The photo shoot was handled by the renowned celebrity photographer, Neha Jiwarajka Basu, who runs a page on Insatgram named as ‘nehabrackstonephotography’. She posted a beautiful picture of the sisters along with their kids, Arhaan and Azaan. The picture was accompanied with the caption,  “Malaika’s son Arhaan is a gem. Azaan idolises him, and is in full awe of him. So they are constantly swapping stories, playing on PS4 when they meet, which is very often. Arhaan is very protective about Azaan and Rayaan.”

She also shared a black & white picture of Malaika and her son Arhaan captioning it as, “For me motherhood has given me a better sense of responsibility. Before being a mother you take life as it comes. After being a mother you tend to prioritise things. Your child becomes a priority, everything else takes a backseat.” Another picture shared by her consisted of Amrita and her younger son, Rayaan, that was captioned as, “Everything that my kids do make me immensely proud and thankful …one thing that makes me beam with pride is the fact that I’m raising two responsible and emotionally stable children,and at the end of the day when they tell me I’m the best mother in the world makes it allllll so worth every second of the day!”

The Arora sisters are the perfect example of ‘not sisters but soulmates’ and we hope their bond passes all the tests of time and their relationship only gets stronger.

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