Arjun Gets Into Yet Another Troll For His Relationship With Malaika

Being a celebrity is really a tough task! The world of glamour is not always how it seems from the outside. If it’s a bed of roses, the roses also contain thorns. If you receive love from your fans, you also get trolled from your criticizers…and sometimes, it gets personal. A similar situation is with our ‘India’s Most Wanted’ star, Arjun Kapoor. Apart from the fame of his recent movie, he is also making it to the headlines for his relationship with Malaika Arora. While their fans are very happy for them being together, there are a lot of people who are criticizing him and claiming that he is breaking someone’s home.

There was a time when Arjun and his father, Boney Kapoor shared a little bitterness in their relationship. That’s because he was upset over his father, Boney Kapoor for leaving his mother, Mona Shourie Kapoor for his second wife, Sridevi. Now, people are blaming him that he’s also not doing much different from his daddy. He is getting trolled for being in a relationship with a girl who is not only 11 years older than him but also a mother to a 13-year old. Recently, a tweet from a girl, who claims to be a Srk and Varun’s fan, reflected upon the same. The tweet read as, “You hate your father’s second wife bcoz your father left your mother, and now you are dating a woman who is 11 years elder to you and has a teenage son. Why double standards @arjun26???”

Usually, stars go through many such trolling and choose to ignore. However, when the limits are crossed, celebs have to retaliate. Maybe, it was the limit for Arjun; he tweeted back in reply to the words of this lady. He wrote, “I don’t hate anyone Kusum. We kept a dignified distance, If I did I wouldn’t have been there for my dad Janhvi & Khushi at a sensitive time… it’s easy to type & judge, think a little. Your @Varun_dvn s fan so I feel I should tell u don’t spread negativity with his face on ur DP.”

After this, there came an immediate apology from the other side. The girl wrote, “I apologise if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. I meant to do no harm. Extremely sorry to all @arjunk26 Fans… Please Forgive me. It was just my opinion. Have nothing against @arjunk26 Sir or #MalaikaArora, Ma’am… SORRY SIR @arjunk26.” Arjun wasn’t alone to hit back at her. His friend and the ‘Badlapur’ actor , Varun Dhawan also tweeted in support of Arjun and wrote, “I’m glad u apologised Kusum its okay Arjun is not upset lets just all live our own lives ak has a big heart like I always say I don’t want any of my fans to talk bad about any actors #keepiteasy.”


Well, we hope that the couple doesn’t get into any troll and trouble again!

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