Areeza, Chhavi Mittal’s Daughter, puts A ‘Bindi’ For Protection And The Reason Is Adorable

Yesterday’s lessons by our moms transformed us into a solid woman today! What’s more, TV on-screen actor, Chhavi Mittal’s little girl, Areeza Hussein is an ideal case of it.

A child is a careful imitation of her mom, who always endeavours to fit in her shoes! And no, we are not talking just metamorphically, however in all reality, that is everything we do and that is all we learn. Furthermore, an ideal case of it is Chhavi Hussein’s six-year-old little daughter, Areeza Hussein.

On May 17, 2019, Chhavi returned from the hospital with her newborn kid, who she affectionately named Arham Hussein. She took to her Instagram handle and posted an adorable picture of herself wearing a flower ensemble with a blue bindi that is set somewhat off centre on her forehead. Alongside the image, she portrayed the tale of the ‘protective bindi’ and stated, “Notice that bindi on my forehead? It’s a bit off-centre. That’s because it’s been put there by my 6-year-old saying it’s “a protective bindi” and will protect me from everything!”

Chhavi is recovering from her postpartum journey after delivering her infant kid. Chhavi has picked everything natural and best in her second pregnancy while her child was developing inside her. She had even educated her friends moms-to-be about Hypno-Birthing. Nonetheless, she had a bit entanglement as her infant wouldn’t come out of her body and turn out, the actor is trying to update us as often as possible about her wellbeing.

We love Chavi and her daughter’s enthusiasm, what are your views? Comment down below.

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