AP Dhillon Gets Massively Criticized For Breaking A Guitar On Stage, Netizen Says ‘He Could Have Gift It’

AP Dhillon and Shinda Kahlon made a big splash by being the second Punjabi artists to hit the stage at Coachella 2024. But, unlike Diljit Dosanjh, AP Dhillon’s actions during the performance stirred up some controversy among Indian fans. Videos of the incident spread like wildfire across social media.

AP Dhillon breaks guitar

During the performance, AP Dhillon got caught up in the moment and went all out, turning into a metalhead by smashing his electric guitar on stage before making a dramatic exit. While the live audience might’ve found it thrilling, Indian fans online weren’t too happy about it.

AP Dhillon gets critisied

Some fans expressed their disappointment, emphasizing the importance of respecting musical instruments. Others felt that the guitar smashing was just a gimmick to compensate for lacklustre singing. However, there were also voices defending AP Dhillon, suggesting that perhaps Indians are too sensitive about such matters compared to fans from other countries, citing examples like “Green Day” breaking guitars without causing a fuss.

However, the other section of the audience mentioned that the singer could have gifted the guitar instead of breaking it. A section of social media users applauded Diljit Dosanjh’s performance and demeanour on stage. Recently, another video of Diljit from his Mumbai concert has been doing rounds on social media. The singer is seen gifting his expensive jacket to a girl in the crowd.

Meanwhile, the internet is buzzing with excitement over all the performances at the 23rd Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. It’s worth noting that Diljit Dosanjh made headlines last year as the first Punjabi artist to grace the Coachella stage.


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The Music festival continues to captivate audiences worldwide. It is also clear that each performance, regardless of the controversies, adds to the vibrant tapestry. The fans from the fest shared musical experiences from all walks of life.

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