Anushka Sharma Reveals Being Afraid Of Motherhood Initially For THIS Reason, Calls Vamika A ‘Secure’ Baby: See Here!

One of the most adored Bollywood actresses is Anushka Sharma. In Chakda Xpress, the actress who has been absent from the big screen will return. With the release of her upcoming movie Chakda Xpress, which is based on the life of Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami, the actress who has been absent from the spotlight on the big screen is poised to make a comeback. Anushka is a loving mother to her daughter Vamika in addition to being a talented actor and a great wife. The actress talked candidly about parenthood in a recent interview with Grazia. She recalls being unsure at first about whether she would enjoy being a mother or not.

According to Anushka Sharma, one must plunge headfirst into parenthood because nothing can adequately prepare you for it. The PK actress admitted that she was initially worried that she wouldn’t enjoy being a mother, but she also said that since welcoming Vamika, she has experienced significant personal growth. Anushka also mentioned how becoming a mother has improved her confidence and self-assurance.

Later, when questioned about how she was able to film in Bangkok despite being away from Vamika’s house for the first time, the actress said that they both did well. Vamika is a very secure baby, according to Anushka, who also disclosed that this trip went quite well. While discussing Vamika, Anushka added that she believes Vamika is becoming a more confident person, which makes her happy.

In a recent interview with Grazia, the actress discussed her hectic schedule ever since she started working again and disclosed that she started filming Chakda Xpress in 2022, and that after the shoot was over, she would spend time with Vamika, giving her dinner and making her go to sleep, among other things. She had no time to do anything else because she was so preoccupied with her infant. Anushka further stated that she will only work on films if they are worthwhile and not just for the sake of competing. 

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