Alia Bhatt Shared That Gal Gadot ‘Cheered’ For Her Pregnancy And Made Her Feel Safe: Read On Here!

Gal Gadot’s reaction to Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy is touching, from clapping for her to making her feel safe, among other things. Details are included. Alia revealed how her co-star and film producer, Gal Gadot, reacted to the announcement of her pregnancy in an interview. Alia was full of admiration for Gal Gadot, recalling how the latter began cheering for Alia’s soon-to-be-born child and referred to the pregnancy as good luck for the film.

Gal Gadots’ reaction to Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy

Alia Bhatt became pregnant before beginning production on her Hollywood debut film, Heart Of Stone. Alia was required by protocol to inform her co-star and producer, Gal Gadot, about her pregnancy. In a recent interview with PTI, Alia revealed that Gal Gadot was overjoyed when she learned of her pregnancy. So much so that the Wonder Woman actress began cheering for Alia and her child. Gal Gadot also told Alia that her pregnancy and the baby were fantastic luck for the project. Alia went on to say of Gal Gadot’s reaction:  “She was so warm, excited and started cheering, talking about how it’s great luck for the movie and that she’s got my back.”

During the same interview, Alia explained that due to pregnancy restrictions, she was unable to do some action scenes in the film. Talking about it, Alia revealed that Gal Gadot assured her not to worry since she would take care of everything. Alia described Gal Gadot’s personality by saying, “It’s very rare to meet someone like her who has so much warmth in her and who, in a few minutes of meeting them, will make you feel taken care of.” Alia continued:  “I think very rarely you meet somebody and in the first two minutes feel very well taken care of, extreme warmth and just safety.”

Alia Bhatt on shooting for her Hollywood film, Heart Of Stone

Alia Bhatt revealed that she was living her dream while filming Heart Of Stone. She also added that, while all of her co-stars worked hard for the film, none of them took themselves too seriously. They were all enjoying the process of producing the picture, and they all wanted the viewers to love it as much as they did. Alia stated of her co-stars, “They all made me feel safe and comfortable.” Alia went on to say: “When you are working with someone, of course, it’s the working relationship that you take away. You just want to meet and interact with people who touch you and make you feel comfortable. And, that’s exactly how I felt.”

Alia Bhatt’s upcoming movies

Heart of Stone, Alia Bhatt’s Hollywood first film, will be released on Netflix on August 11, 2023. The actress plays the role of the antagonist, ‘Keya Dhawan’ in the movie, who is hunting the strong ‘heart of stone’. Aside from that, Alia has two Bollywood films in the works: Jee Le Zaraa and Baiju Bawra. 

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