Akshay Kumar’s Son, Aarav Bhatia Gets Trolled For His ‘Radhe Bhaiya’ Hairstyle

One of the perks of being a celebrity kid is you are always being followed by the media. Public show their utmost interest and attention basically to two beats, Politics and Entertainment. We all have our own favorite actors and role models and we very closely follow them. But with fandom and limelight, one more thing comes free at your feet, ‘Trolls’. And no surprise, social media has become a big platform for publicity as well as trolls in digital space. A recent target of such trolls has been Akshay Kumar’s son, Aarav Bhatia.

Aarav and Twinkle Khanna along with Ibrahim were seen at the airport in a vedio that recently got viral. While the mommy son duo matched each other with ripped jeans and just stole the show with their respective airport looks, something else rather more interesting has captured our attention. Aarav tried a new hairstyle, but the viewers don’t seem to like it much. The vedio and pictures are flowing over the net and instagram and people just can’t stop themselves from commenting on Aarav’s mid parted hairstyle, calling him ‘Radhe Bhaiya’ from the movie ‘Tere Naam’. Trolls even asked Aarav to change his hairstylist.

Well, we do believe that the hairstyle was a bit fiddly but it may be possible that he had the look tried just for fun! Who knows? Trolls have found yet another prey for their fun. Whatever be the whereabouts, we know that young Aarav is growing into a handsome man and fans are expecting his arrival in the industry soon. Answering to this question, Akshay in an interview with Hindustan Times quoted, “There’s no need to discuss his career right now and put pressure on him. I feel that [kids feeling pressure] will happen only if the parents – in a way – put some kind of burden. I am very clear that whether my kids want to become a painter, doctor or open a restaurant, I am fine. My dad never put any pressure on me. He was like, ‘if you’re interested in sports and karate; and want to be like Bruce Lee, go for it. But become at least half a Bruce Lee (laughs).’ Aaj wahi cheez kaam aayi na mere.”

Further talking about his career and choices Akki unveiled how his son is an outdoor person just like him and has a great sense of humor which he believes to have inherited from mother Twinkle Khanna. “No parent can shadow their kids 24/7. They can guide them from far and shield from certain things. So, be it Aarav or Nitara, jo unko karna hoga, woh apne aap karenge. I strongly feel ki be it a king’s son or beggar’s, har insaan apni kismet saath leke aata hai.” added Akshay in his conversation.


Also describing Twinkle as a mother, Akshay flaunted their parenthood and said, “With my son, my job is simple. I let him do whatever he wants. If he feels a particular school is good for him, he checks out its website, fills the form and completes the formalities by himself. My job is to sign as a guardian and just pay the money. It’s as simple as that. Not to forget, my wife, Tina, is also a fabulously responsible parent to both our kids.”

Well, what are your opinions on the trolls, Aarav’s been targeting to? Do he really needs a new hairstylist?

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