After Her Arrest For Drug Abuse, Bharti Singh To Be Banned From The Kapil Sharma Show?

Kapil Sharma Show has finally gained some momentum after a rough patch of Being shut due to Kapil Sharma’s alcohol issues. The actor had a mid-air feud with his co-actor Sunil Grover and after that, there were several issues that led to the closing of the show. Now, that the show is going on good, it seems that they don’t want any kind of controversy. The channel wants to keep the show clean and far from any controversy. While there’s no official statement, it seems Bharti had received her marching orders but it’s Kapil Sharma who is strictly against it all.

 A source close to the show told Spotboye, “It’s pretty much decided  Bharti will be kept out of the show. Kapil’s show is a family show. They need  laughs free of  controversy.” Though not a regular on Kapil’s show, Bharti Singh makes intermittent appearances that bring the house down. When in 2018 Kapil’s show was closed down due to his ill health, she had stood by him.

Lately, Kapil lashed back at a troll for indirectly suggesting that Kapil too could face a drug investigation. Kapil hit back by body shaming the troll. “Bharti ka kya haal hua? Tb jb tk pkdi nai gyi ..drugs nai leti thi.. Wo hi haal aapka h shayad jb tk pakde nai drugs (What happened to Bharti? Until she got caught, she said she did not take any drugs. I think it is the same case with you. Until you get caught, you say ‘no drugs’) @KapilSharmaK9,” the Twitter user wrote. And angry Kapil had retaliated by body shamming him, “Pehle apne size ki shirt silwa mote (First get yourself a shirt that fits, fatty).”

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